Created in 2014 as a labour of love by designer Victoria Myatt following an 8 year apprenticeship at a luxury accessory label, Promises Promises is an allusion to the promises we all make to ourselves, from ‘I’m going to be an astronaut’ to I’m going to go for a run tonight’

“When I started Promises Promises it was because I wanted to keep my own promise. I’ve been a maker for as long as I can remember, I don’t think of it as a career, it’s part of who I am and it was time to start creating things that I was truly passionate about. So I called my jewellery brand Promises Promises as a reminder to treasure all those intentions that lead to the life you want”

Launched in November 2015,  the ‘Metric’ collection started with the concept of motion and drew on the dynamic art movements of the early twentieth century. Graphic shapes were created from technical drawings of mechanisms and built in layers of metal and stone.

Innovation and craft are at the heart of Promises Promises, for this collection we developed coloured, two tone stones using a composite similar to concrete called Jesmonite. The different colours are hand dyed before being cast together in a mould to give a unique ombre effect. Metal elements are laser cut for precise graphic shapes, before being finished and layered by hand with the stone elements to create each final piece.

“I’ve always been inspired by the contrast of the natural and man made, for this collection it was important to me to achieve an offset of the polished metal against a natural, stone texture, experimenting with Jesmonite allowed these finishes in the geometric shapes and statement colours I love”

Promises Promises is a collection of beautiful, graphic, modern jewellery, we are informed by a constant curiosity about the world around us and seek to inspire our customers to think a little differently. Our process is led by experimentation, incorporating modern and traditional processes to create something you haven’t seen before.